Frequently Asked Questions

Questions a celebrant always gets asked.

Are your weddings legal ❔️ 

How do I do the legal bit ❔️

Yes, you do end up legally married, however, you would register your legal bit as a  ” basic ceremony” for a cost of approx £57 at the registry office in your area. You can do this at any time of your choosing. You only need to do the ” I do ” bit and sign a register with two witnesses… then have the ceremony of your dreams with a celebrant in your desired location.

❤️ What is the fee and what does it include ❔️ My  2023/ 2024 fee is £650 all in, to include meeting up to get to know each other so I can write your personalised ceremony. Writing your wording for your ceremony, viewing the venue together, and, a big plus, you would have my full and divided attention on the big day.

I arrive an hour before hand, I don’t rush off to any other weddings in your day. Can I get married anywhere I choose ❔️ Yes, a celebrant led wedding isn’t tied to licensed venues. You can have your wedding & ceremony in any hotel, castle, restaurant,  pub, club, forrest, park, beach, back garden, marquee you wish to have it in. You can also choose your own ceremony time and not be governed by a registrar dictating this to you. Can I get married on a bank holiday or main holiday day ❔️ Yes, we will do ceremonies on bank holidays, over the Christmas period and even new year’s day. A registrar won’t work on certain restrictive days❤️


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